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Aisha Class Demographics
Seems like the Aisha classes are pretty even among
the players, don’t you think? Which Aisha do YOU prefer

By following in the footsteps of her mentor and focusing all of her time and studies into mastering the four elements (Ice, Fire, Wind, and Lightning), Aisha discovers a unified theory of elemental magic. This newfound power allows her to attack her enemies using an array of elemental spells, earning her the title of Elemental Master.
Typically those who successfully delve into the Dark Magic Arts are seasoned and a bit older in age due to the amount of discipline and self-control it takes to wield this great power, but Aisha is no ordinary mage. During her studies and practice in the Dark Arts, Aisha makes a contract with a demon bat named Angkor, who in turn grants Aisha the power needed to become the Void Princess.
Before embarking on her journey to recover her powers, Aisha receives a special pendant from her mentor that reacts to her magic energy and allows her to deal both magical and physical damage to her enemies. But the pendant wasn’t enough, and due to Aisha’s size the physical attacks were not as effective as before. Learning about moonstones from Allegro, Aisha infuses her pendant with the energy from a moonstone, giving her the power to control time and space dimensions needed in order to become the Dimension Witch.

“Nasod versus Girl Genius...
Girl Genius wins, naturally!”

“Grownups can be so dumb, messing everything up with their selfishness and greed. Next thing you know, girl geniuses like me are stuck cleaning up their messes!”
“Getting hit by Elsword skills makes it 10 times worse than getting hit by other monsters.”
“If I had my full power, even demons would've been a walk in the park for me!”
“Hohoho….. Be grateful! There aren't many chances to fight properly against great genius magician Aisha!”
“I've only read about the power of El making it possible to travel back in time… But to see it actually happen… Marvelous!”

"Elsword You Idiot!"

Job Class Age Height Weight Blood Type
Aisha 15 157 cm
A Lady’s Weight is Top Secret!

Battle Magician 17 159 cm
Dark Magician 17 159 cm
High Magician 17 159 cm
Dimension Witch 18 162 cm
Void Princess 18 162 cm
Elemental Master 18 162 cm


A mage’s staff is their lifeline but any crooked stick just won’t do! If you could design the perfect
weapon for a genius magician what would it look like? Use whatever you can to create her perfect
weapon (a baton, a pen, your grandparent’s walking stick?), take a pic, and post it on Facebook!
10 lucky winners will receive
500 K-Ching, an Aisha Metal Pin*,
a Notebook*, and a Pencil Case*!

*Physical prizes will only be available to players from NA.
The equivalent in K-Ching will be given instead.
Let’s go back to where it all began. Before Elysion or Lanox or the Hot Springs, there was good ol’ Ruben! A town that welcomes all the newcomers to learn the basics. Explore its once treacherous dungeons one more time and take an epic picture of Aisha and post it on Facebook!

The best Aisha-in-the-Ruben-Dungeon screenshots win 500 K-Ching!