• Update: Private Phoru Academy Dungeon

    March 15th, 2017

    There’s more fun to be had at the Private Phoru Academy Dungeon! This fun and fast-paced dungeon will become a semi-permanent addition to the wonderful world of Elrios. Read on to find out the changes.

    • The Phoru Event Dungeon will become a semi-permanent dungeon until closure is announced.
    • The 10 minute connection event (where you get free tickets) will be removed (Weekdays, Weekend).
    • Exchange to [Cobo] Secret Potion, Elixir Random Cube x3 will be removed.
    • ‘[EVENT] Find Phorus dozing off!’ will be changed to ‘Find Phorus dozing off!’ a normal repeatable quest.
    • The Phoru Dungeon entrance ticket (Private Phoru Academy Student ID) will be sold permanently in the Item Mall.
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