• New Pet Functional Items + Pet Feeding System Revamp

    January 11th, 2017

    Hi-ya, Elgang! Wish you could start over in developing your pets’ behavior? Or feed them the same treats you enjoy while in battle? Then you would love these new functional items! Read up and check them out in the Summons section of the Elsword Item Mall.

    Pet Personality Reset Food
    This item resets specific personality traits of your currently summoned pet. For your little companion, their diet and the time you spend with them determine the type of personality they acquire. With these new reset items, you get a chance at a fresh start in molding your pet’s personality. Two variants are available, each used to reset a specific range of traits back to zero. (Right-click to use.)


    Pet Personality Reset Food
    (Sensible, Impulsive)


    Pet Personality Reset Food
     (Sociable, Shy)

    Good to Know! Personality determines your pets’ behavior in different situations. In your pet’s personality graph, the traits Sociable and Impulsive register positive numbers, while Sensible and Shy register negative [-] numbers.


    Pet Auto Consume Quick Slot Expansion
    This item activates quick slots for all your current character’s pets (any stage), and lets you select consumables that they’ll use on their own as needed. When you use this ticket, you will be able to set specific HP and MP target levels for the pet, and anytime their HP and MP values drop lower than these targets, the consumables you’ve selected for them will be used automatically to make up the difference.

    Pet Auto Consume Quick Slot Expansion

    How to Use the Automatic Consumption Setting

    1. When you use the Pet Auto Consume Quick Slot Expansion, the Auto Consumption Setting button appears at the upper right part of your Pets List UI.
    2. Click the button to open the Auto Consumption Setting UI. Here you’ll be able to select the consumables you want your pet to use. Drag the consumable item to the designated boxes, one kind for HP and another for MP. The reuse group here is linked to your character’s quick slots, thus the character and pet share the same cooldown time.
    3. If the pet heals the character, the cooldown time shown will be the item’s cooldown. If the character is wearing a complete Ice Burner set when he heals himself, the cooldown shown will be the Ice Burner buff.
    4. You can set the percentage of HP and MP you want your pet to maintain by moving the corresponding gauge sideways. Values can be set in 1% increments; minimum 5%, maximum 90%.

    Good to Know! Your pets’ Hunger and Affinity levels are not affected by their quick slots. Every now and then, you will still need to feed them some El Tree Fruits and Seeds, QPL Jelly, or various equipment you don’t use anymore, in order to keep them satisfied and ultimately raise their affinity.

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