• Winter Bingo Event!

    December 21st, 2016

    Whether you’re born lucky or just feeling lucky, there’s no harm in trying out the Winter Bingo Event. Who knows, you just might win exclusive Bingo goodies when you least expect it! Log-in and try it today!


    Let’s Play Bingo Together!
    12/21/2016 – 01/17/2017 (Ends 11:59 PM PST)

    • During the event period, players will see a BINGO icon on top of their screens.
    • Clicking on it will bring up the BINGO interface so you can start playing if you have Bingo coins!


    • The Bingo board is set at a 5×5 (gray squares) arrangement to get basic prizes and the whole 6×6 (purple and gray squares) board to be able to receive El Search Party Officer (Dark ver.) costume pieces.
    • Players can get Bingo Coins for every 100 K-Ching spent.
    • 1 Bingo Coin is required to be able to activate one of the 5×5 slots and 3 Bingo Coins are needed to activate the 6×6 special slots.
    • The blank boxes will contain the rewards once you complete a column or a row.
    • The El Search Party Officer (Dark ver.) costume pieces can only be acquired if the player completes a column or row with the special slots (purple squares) included. Otherwise, a normal reward is given upon completion of the normal slots (gray squares).
    • Bingo Coins can also be acquired through timer events, once if you login within the week, and once if you login on the weekend.


    Timer Event title Condition Rewards Limitation
    Once (Weekly Repetitive)
    (Wednesday Auto open ~ Tuesday Auto Close)
    Bingo Together!! 10 mins accumulative connection
    Bingo Coin x1
    Level 10 or above,
    Per account
    Once (every weekend repetitive)
    (Friday Auto open ~ Sunday Auto Close)
    Bingo Together!! (Weekend) 10 mins accumulative connection
    Bingo Coin x1
    Level 10 or above,
    Per account
    • To use the Bingo Coins (Normal or Special), right-click on them in your inventory to consume, and your coin count on the Bingo UI increases.
    • Special Bingo Coins can be acquired through the completion of this quest:


    Quest name NPC Condition Rewards Limitation
    [EVENT] El Search Party Bingo!! Board Clear dungeon in your level range once Special Bingo Coin Level 10 or above

    Per account


    Play Bingo, Get Ice Burners!

    • Trouble drawing a number in your BINGO screen? Not a problem! Drawing a number that has already been drawn or a number not included in the Bingo screen 20 times, will reward players with 1 [Cobo] Archpriest Ice Burner. It will be delivered by mail!

    Update: End date changed to 1/17/2017.

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