• Happy Halloween!

    October 9th, 2013

    fi-happyhalloweenThe season of spooks begins. Elsword and the gang are jumping at the Halloween festivities, and you should, too. Get ready to enjoy the in-game events and content coming to Elsword Online this October!

    We’re starting off with pre-Halloween events that let you assemble a unique costume without spending a dime! You can get the 30-day versions of some previously-released and unreleased Halloween costume pieces. Check them out in Stylin’ Halloween Party!

    Next up, we’ll keep going by doing something strange to loads of items found all over Elrios. Don’t worry, Ariel will help light the way, but you’ll need to be quick! And later on this month, you’ll get to enjoy the Elsword Halloween main event. Watch out for these and don’t blink. Season’s spooks to one and all!

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