• A Quick Guide to William’s Time & Space

    September 21st, 2011

    William is back again and this time he has a challenging request! This isn’t your typical challenge to defeat a few baddies, but rather a special event dungeon. We can’t lie, it’s pretty difficult. So we decided to prepare a quick breakdown to help our Elpeeps understand more about William’s Time & Space and the rewards for surviving it. Enter the dungeon well prepared and enjoy the ride!

    Things to Know Before You Start

    • All users can participate in this event.
    • You can enter the dungeon without Stamina.
    • Attack and defense power will be set to Level 1.
    • This dungeon event will only be available for a limited period. (September 21 to October 18, 2011)

    Getting Started:

    • How to enter the dungeon
      • Players need a William’s Time & Space Invitation in order to enter the dungeon. Find William in any village to get one.
      • Players can receive up to 3 William’s Invitations a day and an additional 3 during weekends.
      • You can access William’s Time & Space from the dungeon map selection

    • What to expect in the dungeon
      • 31 stages total
      • Each stage is filled with bosses!
      • There are special stages after boss stages where the player can choose to keep going or stop.

    • Difficulty
      • Monster AI is based on the level of users.


    • Take advantage of break points and rest those fingers.
    • Strategize your attacks and understand different boss attack patterns.
    • Equip skills that increase your survivability and high splash damage.
    • Enchantment effects apply, so bring different weapons to switch between different elements.
      • For example, equip plagued effect to recover HP & MP when you’re running low and freezing effect to help with aggressive mobs.
    • Party variety! Mix it up a bit with range and melee characters.


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