fi-eltrion-phase3-20160824 Join Eltrion: Phase 3 Events Today!
August 24th, 2016

Battle the Sky Guardian one last time and trudge onwards to Elysion. Join the events to get rewards that will help you defeat Eltrion today!

fi-Elysion-Level-Cap-20160824 Onwards to 99!
August 24th, 2016

Just when you thought you’ve finally reached the cap, we’re raising it again! Find out if you can reach the new cap. Join today!

fi-IB-Masquerade-20160824 New Costume: Masquerade
August 24th, 2016

Put on an elegant mask and some fancy threads to hide your true self. Collect the pieces of this elegant set today!

fi-Japan-Costume-Design-20160824 New Costumes: Japan’s 6th Anniversary Design Winners
August 24th, 2016

Check out Japan’s winning costume designs for your heroes. Get them at the Item Mall today!

fi-Enhancement-Revamp-20160824 Game Update: Enhancement Revamp
August 24th, 2016

Max enhancement increased, chance to succeed enhancement increased, and more! Log-in today to test it out!

thumbtournament Summer 2016 Tournament Champions: Team Burdes
August 19th, 2016

Congratulations to Team Burdes as your Summer 2016 Tournament Champions!

fi-beach-wear-frenzy-20160817 Summer Harmony Festival: Swimsuit Frenzy
August 16th, 2016

We’ve got swimsuit for days in fashionable styles and colors! Collect beach wear cloths to exchange for fun swimsuits now!

fi-side-story-quest-20160817 New Game Feature: Side-story Quests!
August 16th, 2016

Get to know the people of Elrios through these fun side-story quests! The more quests you do, the more stories unfold! Play now!