fi-jumping-event-20160928 Transcendence Jumping Event
September 28th, 2016

Reach new heights faster with a new character that jumps to 70. Play now!

fi-transcendence-events-20160928 Begin Transcendence: Phase 1
September 28th, 2016

The transition to becoming your heroes’ best self is here! Join the events, challenge yourself, and push your limits. Log-in today!

fi-heroic-dungeon-20160928 Test Your Mettle in Heroic Dungeon: Hell Mode
September 28th, 2016

A new dungeon mode opens that will test your heroes’ strength and abilities. Are you ready to take on Hell Mode? Log-in to find out!

fi-ib-revamp-20160928 Introducing New Accessory Slots + Ice Burner Revamp
September 28th, 2016

Check out these functional improvements in Elsword this week!

fi-ib-trinity-sale-20160928 Ice Burner Trinity & 5+3 Package Sale!
September 28th, 2016

Three of your favorite Ice Burners are back and you get to buy more for less! Start shopping now!

fi-heroic-dungeon-events-20160928 Heroic Dungeon: Hell Mode Event
September 28th, 2016

Here’s an easy way to get gears with half the effort. Join the event by logging in today!

fi-Sweepstakes-20160907 Diabla and Demonio Sweepstakes Winners
September 23rd, 2016

Sweepstakes winners have been chosen.

Thumbnail GM Livestream: Transcendence Sneak Peek with Super Huge Giveaway
September 21st, 2016

Watch the Livestream and you could win big prizes, 9/23 @ 5 PM PDT!